Larry was a Christian who regularly volunteered at his church. He never imagined he would end up homeless and living in his car. Life hadn’t been easy — Larry’s mother died young from taking pills and alcohol. But Larry made a life for himself in the construction business.
He was a hard worker. But when he injured his knee, it required surgery. Then the doctors discovered thyroid cancer and decided he needed more surgery. With all of his medical conditions, he could no longer work — or afford rent. Staying in his car was Larry’s last resort. “Everything just started to fall apart and I just wanted to check out. So, I began drinking.”
Larry had helped with outreach at his church, so when he was homeless, they helped him with food, clothes and a place to park his car. But his drinking got out of control and he needed more help than his church could provide.
Being homeless was dangerous. Drinking, drugs, suicide and death happened all around Larry. “When you’re on the streets, you don’t know if you’ll live through the night. On the days I couldn’t get food . . . I would dig in the trash cans,” he says.
People were being robbed and it was a struggle to find a safe place to sleep. It’s illegal to sleep in your car, so Larry was arrested and put in jail. But local Deputy Anderson befriended him, took him to detox and then straight to the Rescue Mission.
At the Rescue Mission, Larry started to get healthy again — physically, emotionally and spiritually: “I destroyed my life so fast within months and now I feel like I’m getting myself back.”
He’s getting help with his medical issues. Life on the streets was overwhelming. But now he’s starting to come back to life with Bible studies and dreams for the future.
“There’s still hope, it’s not over. I’ve got a lot to give still,” says Larry.
To the friends who give to the Rescue Mission, Larry says: “I’m secure and happy to have my life back because of this program . . . YOU gave me back my life.”
You share the love of Jesus with each person who comes to the Rescue Mission. The least, the last and the lost are finding hope in Him!
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