Through Serving Hope…
you can fill empty lives this Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just weeks away, and we’re working our fingers to the bone to serve 359,204 meals in Orange County through our Serving Hope initiative this Thanksgiving season.
That’s why I’m writing about this now —
Will you give now to provide as many meals as you can this Thanksgiving season?
Each meal, even a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, only costs $1.48.
But so many are depending on us…
Serve Hope
Your gift now will fill more than a person’s stomach; it will fill an empty heart with hope.
And a full life…is a good life — especially at Thanksgiving.
But please don’t wait…
Thank you in advance for your immediate gift of support!

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  1. I left a message at the Rescue Mission. I attended Calvary Chapel in Murrieta and would like to volunteer to help with any food ministry for Thanksgiving. I have worked in the kitchen cleaning, and also serving. I can be reached at 951-813-3643 Thank you

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