I would like to introduce you to another Orange County Rescue Mission superhero: Scott Schenck

Scott Schenck has been a dedicated tutor in the Success Center at the Orange County Rescue Mission for more than 5 years.  Scott faithfully comes down a few days a week to work with the homeless residents in our program. He works one-on-one and in group settings, tutoring our residents and helping them succeed in their studies.
He helps our homeless residents who are working hard to obtain their high school diploma or high school equivalency.  For many of our residents, education has not been a priority in the past and the work can feel rigorous. Therefore, they are grateful for Scott’s patient teaching and guidance.

Scott has also helped some of our residents who are seeking employment.  It is invaluable to have a volunteer who consistently commits to working with our residents, helping them bring out their best. Scott has helped our residents reach untapped potential and realize their value.
Thank you for your service and dedication, Scott!

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