Today is a special day to me for many reasons. Veterans Day will always be dear in my heart because my son, Kody, has been part of the Air Force for the past 3 years. Over those 3 years, I have met many families who have shared their military experiences, revealing a deep need as many servicemen and women return to lives of homelessness and hopelessness.
And this leads to my second reason. This Veterans Day, more than any before, is significant because it is the first time in the Rescue Mission’s fifty year history, we celebrate this day with a community of veterans that have been rescued out of a life of homelessness and need. The Tustin Veterans Outpost opened earlier this year, and is able to provide a home to 26 veterans, giving them a home and a community among people who have shared similar experiences and are able to understand and support each other.
Thanks to the support of donors and community partners who helped to make this facility possible, the Outpost is able to be a place of restoration and hope to veterans like Daniel, a former Navy CB. Daniel has turned from a life of substance abuse and homelessness, and is now a graduate of our program and gainfully employed. He is ready to embark on this new season in life with the restored mindset and skills set, to fully transition to a healthy civilian life.
This Veterans Day I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all the servicemen and women who have served, and those currently serving, our country every day. Thank you for your generous service and dedication to protect our country.