My youngest child has just finished 8th grade, and we are going through the timeless ritual of deciding how she can fill her summer days. School is out for the Village of Hope’s school-aged children, and they are at home too, for the next two months! Here at the Village of Hope, we have created a program called Summer to Remember. It helps parents with childcare so they are  able to continue working in their volunteer job positions, as well as gives the children a memorable summer of fun learning activities, making them better prepared for the next school year.
Many of the children here have never experienced the fun and educational activities this program will be able to provide for them. Please donate to our Summer to Remember program, and you can give these children a  summer they will never forget.
Click here to donate now.  Thank you!
To learn more about Summer to Remember, read the recent press release below.

The Orange County Rescue Mission is in immediate need of the community’s help to fund its annual children’s summer program, “Summer to Remember,” a comprehensive nine week camp for formerly homeless children living at the Village of Hope, a transitional living facility for homeless individuals and families. This year, the donations for the program are at an all-time low and the Rescue Mission is seeking support from the community to ensure that no child is left behind.
“Nearly 38 percent of the residents currently living at the Village of Hope are children,” says Orange County Rescue Mission President Jim Palmer. “This is more than one-third of the Rescue Mission’s population and something that we can’t take lightly.”
Palmer explains, “These children are the innocent victims of the harsh reality of homelessness and providing them with the necessary tools to fuel their growth is pertinent to their future success. The children living at the Village of Hope look forward to this program every summer, and we don’t want to let them down this year.”
This unique camp is designed for school aged children between the ages of 5 and 12, and provides opportunities to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally through hands-on learning activities and field trips. Since the program was started in 2011, it has served countless young children at the Village of Hope and features activities that include academics, social engagements, recreation, sports, and fine arts, among many others.
“Summer programs for homeless children are extremely important,” notes Palmer. “As a result of their chaotic life experiences, these children often face many disadvantages including social and mental obstacles and are twice as likely to have a learning disability or repeat a grade. We as a community cannot continue to overlook these children whom are in dire need of our assistance.”
The weekly cost to send one of the 45 children to summer camp is $55.52, and with the support of the local community, each child can have a “Summer to Remember.”
Those wishing to donate can do so by visiting the Orange County Rescue Mission website at, and clicking the “Summer to Remember” banner located on the homepage. For questions, please contact (714) 247-4320.
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