I am consistently encouraged by the support of the community when Orange County Rescue Mission voices a need! When running a transitional living facility for almost 200 people, I often face situations and shortages that seem impossible. But time and again, God meets our needs through a variety of ways and means that continue to amaze me.
This time, Fox News came to our aid! The Mission found itself facing a diaper shortage over the past few weeks and we decided to put it out on our social media, blogs, and website in hopes of community assistance. Fox News contacted us to come out and film live segments here at the Village of Hope highlighting our diaper need!
Media coverage such as this allows us to reach even more people than we would be able to do on our own. We have been contacted by so many helpful and generous neighbors that saw the story and want to help us meet this need. I am so thankful for the support and help that Fox News has been to us, as well as the generous response from the community.
Please take a look at the Fox News story, featured on Great Day LA,  here.