Caring for others can take many different forms.  Here at Orange County Rescue Mission, we are blessed to work with so many unique groups and ministries. One such group is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, whose compassion in action happens in the form of a wiffle ball tournament!
I would like to say a special thank you to our friends at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Southern California!  In December of 2015, the FCA, led by the Director of Camps and Urban Ministry, Jeff McKee, had the idea to share their wiffle ball ministry with the children at the Rescue Mission. Now, this group visits the Rescue Mission every other Sunday for 3 hours of wiffle ball, fun, and fellowship. It became such a hit with the kids that the adults joined in as well. FCA is making an impact on up to 50 people at each tournament.
In addition to the wiffle ball tournament, the FCA recently started a soccer tournament here at the Rescue Mission.  It is sure to be a hit as well! I am so thankful for groups like this that offer fun and fellowship to the Rescue Mission residents. But even more than an afternoon of fun and sports, it is a reminder that people care, and are eager to support residents as they continue on this journey.
If your group would like to put your compassion into action, and have a great time sharing activities or sports with the Rescue Mission, please go to RescueMission.org/provide-help, and sign up to volunteer.

And, please take a look at the following video to learn more about how the FCA and Orange County Rescue Mission have partnered together.


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