A few years ago, my appreciation for the service of our military heroes grew into concern for the homeless veteran. My concern took action, and within a month I will be opening Tustin Veterans Outpost, a transitional housing complex for homeless veterans that are ready to take the steps to become self-sufficient.

Why Veterans?

First, it is personal. I have a deep desire to fight for those who have fought for my freedom. And, three years ago my son Kody entered the Air Force. We met a lot of families. The more I talked with the families, the more I realized the need is deep among those leaving the military.
The need is very real. Orange County has the fourth highest veteran population in the state, as of 2015, with the anticipation of the population increasing. Among that population, 10% of pre-9/11 and 18% of post-9/11 veterans, report being homeless at some point after their return to civilian life.
There are real barriers and challenges for our vets, and we needed to do something specific. Our first steps were to integrate veteran specific services at Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope.
And now we are opening Tustin Veterans Outpost, transitional housing and services to address the unique needs of homeless veterans.
Click here to help a veteran, and learn more about Tustin Veterans Outpost.

1 thought on “Taking the Next Step to Help the Homeless Veteran”

  1. This is fantastic, Jim. I guess it’s people like you that need to do this since our government has turned its back on the homeless Vet and chose to spend its effort bringing illegal and even possibly terrorist refugees into our cities.
    Thank you for your ministry!

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