Homeless veterans, the men and women who were always at the ready to defend us, but slipped through the cracks between military and civilian life, are among the Least, the Last and the Lost. I am grateful to each one for their willingness to serve, and now we are ready to serve them, ministering the love of Jesus Christ, and giving them a hand up, to become strong and capable men and women once again.

Join me to help veterans in need, giving them the hand up that they need.

At Tustin Veterans Outpost we are serving both combat and non-combat veterans. As I have researched the issues and listened to the stories of so many veterans, I have learned that engaging in combat is not the only challenge that veterans face.
Every man and woman who enters the armed forces goes through the same process. They enter with a willingness to serve our country, even if it means engaging in combat. Whether they actually see combat is irrelevant of the training, and the making of a soldier. Each person is broken down as a civilian and changed to think, act and feel like a soldier. This process is absolutely necessary for them to always be ready if duty calls. Everything they do is to be prepared for the possibility of combat.  These men and women serve us by being on the look-out, being prepared, and stepping up to defend our country in whatever ways are needed.
Soldiers are very capable and skilled. Their skills are an asset not only as soldiers, but as civilians as well. However the job they did, no matter how highly trained and accomplished they may have been, often does not transition easily to the civilian job market. While soldiers have proven themselves to be very capable in the military, they are not easily employed.
The military is a different culture, created to serve a very specific purpose. Men and women adapt to that culture as they become soldiers. It becomes part of who they are and how they function. And they are in it together. Stories of the camaraderie and sacrifice for each other are part of a soldiers every day experience.
When a soldier is discharged, they are given some benefits and services, and minimal assistance to transition back to civilian life. But most report that this transition is very difficult.
The transition to once again live as a civilian is challenging, and most make it through successfully. But for those that do not, they need the help of someone to show them the way. We are ready to serve our veterans through Tustin Veterans Outpost.

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