It is my privilege to share that the Singing for Change Foundation, Jimmy Buffet’s foundation, has committed to funding the Village of Hope for $10,000 in 2018. I’m deeply grateful to one of our volunteers for recommending the grant to the foundation. The key to connecting with foundations is often a personal contact, and I can’t overestimate the importance of having someone who will support your cause, and is connected to a foundation. Thank you!
The Singing for Change Foundation launched in 1995, funded by contributions from Jimmy Buffet’s summer tour. It receives one dollar from each concert ticket sold during his tours and has disbursed $12 million to community-based nonprofits since its launch.
Their gift will help the homeless individuals and families at Village of Hope turn poverty into self-sufficiency, improving their skills, education, and ability to secure housing.
I’m looking forward to seeing that impact, particularly at the end of this month as clients complete the job workshop and begin searching for employment. Each quarter, our workshop participants marvel at the strengths and skills they never knew they had, and how they can move forward into employment. Thank you, Singing for Change, for helping those realizations keep happening.
Though few of us can be internationally renowned entertainers, each of us has the potential to do something great. Talk to your employer, find out if they will match your charitable donation. Donate a used car so it can go to an employed homeless individual who needs reliable transportation to work. Volunteer as a tutor for homeless adults completing their high school diplomas.
Thank you for supporting the work of the Rescue Mission and for joining me in celebrating the Singing for Change Foundation’s partnership this year.

Giving online is easy, safe, and quick. Your donation will make an immediate impact to provide meals, shelter and services for a homeless family in desperate need of a hand up to self-sufficiency.