Gaining financial self-sufficiency is one of the long-term goals of Orange County Rescue Mission’s programs for homeless men, women, and children. For some, meeting this goal requires a change in perspective and increasing their knowledge and understanding of economics and personal finance. Life skills classes, financial tutoring, and accountability are resources provided along the way to meeting this goal.

David Bahnsen, one of the top financial advisors in America, created the video “Seven Economic Truths,” hosted on Prager U. It is an informative resource for all of us, not just those new to personal finance, for explaining how a free market works in our favor. These truths help to shape why we empower people to no longer rely on government financial assistance. I invite you to watch the short video to learn more or to share these critical economic truths with others. Or check out David Bahnsen’s book, There’s No Free Lunch, 250 Economic Truths, published in 2021.