As a part of our program to equip our clients for self-sufficiency, every ‘student’ resident at the Village of Hope must complete the Road to Success week-intensive Job Workshop before graduating into our “senior” class. At this phase of the program, each individual begins job search and interviewing for employment.
“No matter what the job market may look like or what our students may have against them, if God opens a door there is no person, hiring manager or employer who can close it. I am always amazed and thankful to see how God provides for our students,” says Joey Gonzales, our Success Center manager.
Two weeks ago, this group of 13 students completed this specific job preparedness workshop and began job search two days a week as a part of their program. In that amount of time, I am excited to share that 8 out of our 13 students have found employment!
Celebrate with me as we congratulate these men and women who will be stepping into roles with employers such as Brasstech Inc., The Caregiving Network, Michael’s, and Goodwill. Men, women and families that were once living on the streets will now be bringing home paychecks, learning how to budget their finances and walking into self-sufficiency along the road to success.