Our very own faithful volunteer Jacqueline Klein organized an art gallery last week to allow girls living at the Village of Hope to show off their talents while processing traumas they’ve lived through.The artists consisted primarily of fourth and fifth grade girls who created everything from fabric chandeliers to paintings that reflect not only the normal pressures of growing up, but the added personal struggles of their families being in and out of homelessness and addiction.
The devastation of homelessness can strip children of the ability to enjoy and create beauty with art and creativity. At the Rescue Mission, it is part of my vision to surround our campus and our program with beauty in order to restore individuals and elevate them once again to dignity to contribute and add their gifts and talents to our community in unique ways. If you are an artist or a creative, we would love for you to join our mission and partner with us in your own creative talents. Please contact melissa.stupfel@rescuemission.org to join us as a volunteer.
Below is a collection of photos from the gallery as captured by Orange County Register staff photographer Kevin Sullivan.
Volunteer Jacqueline Klein, right, listens as Calista Remington, 9, talks about her artwork to guests Jack and Kathie Housden of Laguna Woods during the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope art gallery Friday afternoon. nu2qbu-b88496587z.120150902165022000gujbngsm.10 nu2qbv-b88496587z.120150902165022000gujbngsq.10 nu2qbw-b88496587z.120150902165022000gujbngss.10 nu2qbx-b88496587z.120150902165022000gujbngsa.10See the gallery online by clicking here.