I would like to shine the spotlight on another one of our incredible volunteers: Chef James!
James has been volunteering in the kitchen at the Orange County Rescue Mission since 2012.  Every Monday night, he plans menus, orders food, provides recipes, and cooks delicious meals for the more than 200 residents that call the Rescue Mission home.
After retiring from the airlines as a captain, James went to culinary school at Orange Coast College for a year.  It was around that time that he learned that the Rescue Mission needed volunteers to cook, so he decided to put his new skills to work in the kitchen at the Village of Hope!
The Rescue Mission kitchen is a busy place, where something is always going on.  Volunteers like James are crucial to providing more than 600 meals daily to the homeless.  And it makes such a difference to have people that truly have a heart for serving the Rescue Mission and all who rely on it for a warm meal.
James typically arrives 4 hours before dinner time, to prepare and look after the kitchen.  He organizes the spice rack, checks the supplies of vegetables and dry goods, and makes notes to reorder.  These seemingly small details keep the kitchen in order and running smoothly day after day.
“I really like volunteering here, and I like teaching the residents the skills I have,” James shares.  “When I am in the kitchen there are residents working alongside me, helping get the meal ready and learning new skills as they work.  Several residents have gone on to get jobs in restaurants.  I enjoy helping them overcome the obstacles they have in their lives.”

We are so grateful for your service and dedication to the Rescue Mission, Chef James!

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