Last weekend 25 of our children at the Village of Hope, along with their parents, were treated to a delicious pancake breakfast at I’Padrini di Antonello restaurant!
As you can see from the photos, it was a joyful morning filled with fun, food, and friends!  In addition to the pancakes, our friends at I’Padrini di Antonello very generously purchased a gift for each child that attended the breakfast which brought even more excitement to the morning!

As if that were not incredible in itself, President Rob Morey discovered that there was more room in the budget than was expected.  He decided to give ALL of the children here at the Village of Hope a gift as well!  This is truly a blessing to the children and families of the Rescue Mission and is a beautiful example of generosity during the holiday season.
For many children, the Christmas season may have held very few memories of fun and joy and perhaps even brought up memories of pain and heartbreak.  But here at the Rescue Mission, with help from friends like I’Padrini di Antonello, we are able to give these children new memories full of happiness, love, and the hope of Jesus Christ.
Thank you to I’Padrini di Antonello, Rob Morey, and my good friend J. J. Hudson, a member of the I’Padrini di Antonello board and without whom this special morning would not have been possible for the residents of the Rescue Mission.  Thank you to all for blessing these children and families!

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