Working at a non-profit, faith-based organization is an amazing employment opportunity. I am grateful to the many people who work with Orange County and Inland Empire Rescue Missions, as they dedicate themselves to contribute to the success of the ministry, knowing full well that their work serves a purpose so much greater than the accomplishment of their work tasks.
Each month at Orange County Rescue Mission we like to highlight an employee who exemplifies the mission, philosophy, and values of our organization. This month we are delighted to highlight Pam Todd-Coles as our Employee of the Month.
For almost 9 years I have worked alongside Pam, as she faithfully serves on our development team as the Grants Manager. We could not accomplish the work we strive to do without her dedication to our team. It is an honor to serve alongside of you, Pam!

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What do you love most about your job?
I love the analytical part of pulling a wide variety of information and facts together to make it readable and interesting to a potential funder. I also love seeing our residents as they go through the program…the life transformations that are made. They inspire me and they have helped strengthen my own walk with the Lord.
How have you grown since coming to the mission?
Immeasurably. I am not sure that I really knew what a faith walk was until I came to the Rescue Mission. I see our residents, who come from some very difficult pasts, grasp what Jesus can do in their lives and I am so humbled! They encourage and strengthen my faith journey. I have also been blessed by the extraordinary goodness and generosity of our community as well as by Jim’s leadership and our incredible staff.
Motivation to keep going: To serve Him who has done so much for me.
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