Who are the homeless?
Homelessness is not the same for everyone. The person you meet on the streets may be a victim of domestic violence, a veteran or have mental health challenges. 80% of the homeless are not on the street by choice but due to a circumstance such as job loss, illness, or catastrophic event that left them homeless (source: homeaidoc.org).
Will you help make sure every hungry and homeless person who turns to us for help gets a good meal?
Just $1.48 feeds a man, woman or child.
When you join us in Serving Hope to our hungry neighbors in Orange County this Thanksgiving, you’re providing so much more than a hot meal. You’ll also offer them a second chance — a chance to get off the streets and start a new life.
This is a team effort. With your help and the support of our community, we can make a difference in the lives of the least, last and lost of Orange County.
Serve Hope