2016-05-24 WomensLuncheon137
Earlier this week here at Village of Hope we held our first annual Women’s Luncheon. I had the opportunity to share the podium with several co-workers, who shared about their passion for working at Orange County Rescue Mission. It is an honor to have such committed women on our team.
But, especially amazing to me was to see students take the podium and share their hearts with the women. Leticia blessed us with a song, this being the first time she has ever sung in front of others. And, Chantel shared her story of going from complete despair to hope, because of her experience here at Orange County Rescue Mission. Both of these women came from very difficult circumstances, but are now developing the mindset to understand that they are loved and valued by God, and are developing the skills to raise their children well and successfully navigate the challenges of being a single mom.
The listeners, the women in the audience, were inspired by their time with us. Seeing Village of Hope and hearing our stories can be a positive, life changing experience.
Please come visit us at Village of Hope for a tour. Come on your own, or bring a group. Seeing the community, hearing the stories and asking questions helps to see how donors have a great impact with Orange County Rescue Mission.

Schedule a tour or learn more by clicking here, or email ida.somero@rescuemission.org.

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  1. My name is Jon and I went through the men’s program in Santa Ana before it was the village of hope. I was so blessed to be able study the word and help others in need. I loved working in the kitchen at the mission and I got to spend time at the ranch as well. I now have a relationship with God. I have been clean and sober for nearly ten years and I have a great wife. Unfortunately my 18 year old stepson seems to be headed down the same road that got me in trouble. I would love for him to benefit from the same grace and help that I did. Of course being dad he won’t listen to me. I don’t know how to go about getting him into the mens program or the ranch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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