Restoration Roasters
We have a lot of interesting locations and projects, including a men’s ranch in Warner Springs, and our newest veterans housing in Orange County which is one of the first of its kind, but I think one of our most unique facilities is Restoration Roasters. Restoration Roasters is a specialty coffee shop in Corona, born out of our Corona Norco Rescue Mission. Restoration Roasters sets itself apart from other specialty coffee shops in that it seeks to serve the broken and homeless population of the Corona-Norco area, with 100% of the shop’s proceeds benefiting the Rescue Mission.
Even more than monetary support, this coffee shop’s mission is to bring hope and restoration to the Least, Last, and Lost through a  hand-up rather than a hand-out. Restoration Roasters achieves this in a unique way: it is staffed in part by residents of our Corona Norco Rescue Mission, who are able to receive training in a specialized field they would not normally have access to.
One of the staff members that trains our residents in the art of the latte pour and the perfect cup of coffee is Gabe Venegas, who has been in the coffee industry for 12 years. An award-winning barista, Gabe recently placed second in a local latte art competition and he has been chosen to compete in the World Latte Art Competitions, an honor only the top 64 baristas around the world are chosen for. We are so thankful that Gabe has found a home with us at Restoration Roasters and is using his talents to help restore the lives of the lost and hurting.
I invite you to come witness Gabe’s award-winning pour for yourself and enjoy one of Restoration Roaster’s delicious drinks, which also benefits the lives of the homeless in the Corona-Norco area. Whether you are looking for a spot to study or work or a place meet up with friends over great coffee, what better choice than a coffee shop that serves its community with every cup it brews?
Restoration Roasters coffee is also available to purchase online here. Proceeds from all coffee sales benefit the Rescue Mission and a hurting neighbor in need.

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  1. I love everything about this project including the name! It offers the community a perfect cup with a wonderful purpose.

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