A grateful heart truly gives way to miracles. I have often found this to be true in the work of non-profits, ministry and service. The story in the book of Luke where Jesus healed the lepers and took note of the one that returned to say ‘thank you,’ resonates deeply with the work that I witness daily. Where I am moved to my knees in thankfulness for all God has done through the efforts of the Rescue Mission, I am also moved by those who are the recipients of help and healing who embody that spirit of gratitude. Ernie is one of those people. As a recent graduate of the program at the Village of Hope, Ernie excelled in his program and clearly demonstrated the transformation that only Christ can perform on a broken heart. With a renewed and restored relationship with his family, a consistent job and independent housing, Ernie is truly living a new life.
Ernie recently took the time to write this note of thanks (below) and it touched me as I can hear the sincerity in his words. Because stories like Ernie’s are a result of so many hands giving, serving, loving, guiding and praying, I wanted to share his words with you as they equally apply to each of those that have contributed to the work of the kingdom.
I just want to say to you guys how much I appreciate you being such an important and necessary part of my life today. I love all of you very much. Today I have been clean and sober for 2 years and the only way this was possible was because of what Jesus Christ did for me. All the Glory goes to him, not me. As you said to me Jewel, my new life is a testimony of his work.
Thank you all.
Thank you OCRM.
Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth !
Ernest Marquez