homeless in santa ana
I believe that instilling and restoring dignity and respect to those that are struggling in hard times plays a crucial role in their recovery and transformation back to a healthy place in life. This can begin with the simple acknowledgement of person.
If you’ve ever wondered what to say to a homeless person, you’ll appreciate Winston Ross’s article from Bridging the Opportunity Divide, September 10, 2014.
Here are five things to say that communicate compassion:
“ I don’t have money, but is there another way I can help you?”
Sometimes, what’s really needed is a pair of socks, a bus pass for the Metro, a snack or a bottle of water.
“Did you catch the game?”
We’re proud of our teams and asking about football is a good conversation starter this time of year.
“Good Morning.”
Saying hello helps homeless men and women feel less invisible to the busy world around them. People don’t often look a homeless person in the eye to talk, but try it and you’ll communicate respect.
“ How are you doing? Would you like to talk?”
Sometimes, they won’t want you to get personal, says Ross, but “If . . . the person is open to talking, this can lead to a real conversation — and maybe even provide a way for you to offer help.”
“I will keep you in my thoughts.”
Communicating concern and even praying for the person can give them great encouragement.
homeless in santa ana