Where most California residents find rain an answer to the prayers of our long-standing drought, other residents lacking shelter face new challenges in inclement weather conditions.homeless man
Coinciding with the onset of the strongest El Niño in 18 years, we are seeking the community’s help to provide life-saving cold weather supplies and materials to homeless men, women and children throughout the Orange County region as part of our El Niño Homeless Relief Project.
Strong El Niño storms have already begun in Orange County, and our priority is keeping those men, women and children who are currently homeless in our community safe from harm. Many experts believe the current El Niño will be one of the three most severe to hit the region since 1950. During this series of storms, homeless men, women and children are in danger of death from flooding and hypothermia.
We are asking the local community to donate items that can help these individuals stay warm, dry, and well nourished, including:
 Working umbrellas
 New waterproof ponchos
 New hygiene kits
 Bottled water
 Protein bars
 New pillows and pillow cases
 New twin and full-size blankets
 $5 and $10 gift cards to local restaurants
Upon receipt of these donations, the Rescue Mission will distribute all of the resources collected to the many homeless men and women living throughout the local community.
The winter season is always a dangerous time for those less fortunate, making our outreach and the help of our fellow community members even more important during this season.
Those wishing to donate can drop off donations for the El Niño Homeless Relief Project at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope located at 1 Hope Drive in the city of Tustin, California. The donation warehouse is open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For questions, please contact Mr. Mike Martinez at (714) 247-4333.
Thank you for helping us serve the least, the last and the lost.
07_homelesscount.0126.ksAPhoto C/O: KEN STEINHARDT, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER (A homeless man moves his belongings to La Palma Park in Anaheim after taking down his tent of tarps he used to sleep in Friday night.)

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