Bank of America-3
We are so very excited and thankful this week.  It started on a challenging note when our kitchen at the Village of Hope notified me that our main oven was failing and that it was so old that it was not feasible to repair it any further.  I was then told that it would cost nearly $14,000 to replace.
Then just a day later Bill Balfour from Bank of America shows up to my office with a check for $15,000.  Bill explains to me that Bank of America is has launched its “20 Days of Giving” campaign from November 1st to the 20th.  We are so very thankful to receive a gift on day 4 of the campaign.
Not just an oven.  You see we partner with Mercy House to provide meals to their Winter Armory Shelters.  We estimate that this oven will support 325,000 meals over the next twelve months.  This gift from Bank of America will bless thousands of men, women, and children this holiday season.
Thank you Bank of America and Bill Balfour for bringing us this incredible gift.