Christmas shopping can be quite the challenge. As I make my list each year, there are many people on my list that a material gift just won’t due. I’m sure you have those people on your list as well: someone, or maybe several people, who really care about others, someone who enjoys giving more than receiving, or maybe someone who “has everything” and would be inspired by being given something of life changing value.
The Rescue Mission offers an opportunity to give a gift that will have a longer-lasting impact than any new toy or gadget. On our website, you can give the gift of Christmas meals to the Rescue Mission, in honor of your loved ones! For a person who is homeless and hungry, a meal brings the hope of Christmas, and the beginning of a restored life. A meal is an amazing gift!
And to make the gift more meaningful, you will immediately receive, in your inbox, a letter signed by myself, with your name as the giver, as well as the name of the person you are honoring with the gift.

$1.48 gives the gift of 1 meal
$14.80 gives the gift of 10 meals
$37.00 gives the gift of 25 meals
Or choose the amount of meals you want to give.

Click here to do your Christmas shopping and give the gift of Christmas meals! Thank you!

Donate now to Orange County Rescue Mission by clicking here.

We are in urgent need of your help to provide meals and services for the homeless.