I would like to introduce you to Jeff and share with you a truly life-changing moment in Jeff’s life.
Jeff Lagos has been a resident of the Rescue Mission since January 2016, when he hit his lowest point and decided to enter the Orange County Rescue Mission program.  Since arriving, he has worked hard to leave behind old ways and work towards a stable and self-sufficient future. Jeff is now in the final, “senior” phase of the program, which begins the search for employment.
As he completed the employment workshop, he looked eagerly ahead at the future he had been working towards.  But there was one significant obstacle: transportation.
Lack of transportation is an issue that many of our job-seekers face.  Many are able to work around this by using public transportation, but the limitations of public transportation can be a significant issue, especially with last minute interviews.  Jeff was getting by asking friends for rides to and from interviews, but he knew this temporary solution was not sustainable.
Then one day, his situation dramatically changed.  A compassionate donor decided to donate his vehicle to the Rescue Mission.  This donor had a truck that he no longer had use for, and rather than sell the vehicle for a profit, it was his wish that the car would benefit someone in need.  Little did he know Jeff’s situation, and the impact he would be making.
When Jeff was handed the keys, he could hardly believe it.  His eyes filled with tears as he realized the generosity of the gift he had been given.  His life was about to change.
Their interaction was one of joy and gratitude, on both sides. “I’m speechless,”  Jeff says. “It’s amazing what this has done for me.  Having this truck is a game changer.” Click here to watch the video.
I am so thankful to donors like this that make life-change possible and help job-seekers like Jeff find employment.  Because of this gift, Jeff’s ability to secure a job is dramatically increased.
Imagine the difference you could make for a Rescue Mission student that is in need of transportation, just by donating  a vehicle! You will make an immediate impact on the life of a formerly homeless person, and help them take another step to self-sufficiency! If you have an operational vehicle that you no longer have use for, please consider donating it to Orange County Rescue Mission. We accept donations of vehicles that are currently running without major maintenance issues, and are in good condition.  These donated vehicles are given directly to Rescue Mission students.  Vehicle donations are tax-deductible.  Please call Taylor Schlieder at (714) 247-4303 for more information.

Giving online is easy, safe, and quick. Your donation will make an immediate impact to provide meals, shelter and services for a homeless family in desperate need of a hand up to self-sufficiency.