Our hope at the Rescue Mission is to examine effective action through mobile outreach programs such as the Trinity Mobile Legal Clinic, where we expand our services beyond basic food, shelter and clothing to deeper needs hindering clients from achieving true healing and empowerment.trinityThe Trinity Law Clinic (Law Clinic) at the Orange County Rescue Mission (OCRM), Village of Hope was created and established in June of 2009 as a partnership between Trinity Law School (Trinity) in Santa Ana, CA and the Orange County Rescue Mission in Tustin.  This Law Clinic was established to provide free legal services with the goal and mission in mind of “serving the legal needs of the students of the OCRM with the future goal of serving the legal needs of the homeless population of the greater Orange County area.”  The Law Clinic focuses on assisting the new and existing OCRM students in addressing any and all legal issues that may be lingering in that student’s background.  At this time the Law Clinic’s legal services are limited only to those students who are enrolled and a part of any OCRM campus or affiliation.
The Law Clinic is comprised of Attorney/Professor Joy Statler who oversees the consultations performed by two (2) Trinity law students.  These students, under the supervision of Professor Statler, diagnose and provide guidance to the OCRM students who have been consulted.  All new OCRM students are scheduled for an initial legal consultation at the Law Clinic even if the students are not aware of any pending legal issues in their background.  Often times the Law Clinic is able to bring to the surface an issue of which the OCRM student was not aware, helping to bring closure to that matter.  The Law Clinic focuses on all facets of the general law and has a wealth of resources for referral should an issue or area of the law surface that is beyond the expertise of its residence staff.
In January 2012, Trinity Law School once again partnered with the Orange County Rescue Mission to establish another Pro Bono clinic for the marginalized.  This time, however, the clinic was created to be mobile in nature and thus was established in a vehicle outfitted as a moveable law office.  This new clinic is called The Trinity Mobile Legal Clinic (TMLC).  This clinic has a unique feature in that it is able to go to the area most populated by the marginalized of Orange County.  On nearly every Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. this clinic frequents a parking lot facility in the Civic Center Plaza in Santa Ana, CA where it administers legal aid/advice to those in need.  Attorney/Professor Bryan R. Kazarian oversees this clinic comprised of two (2) to three (3) Trinity Law School students who vet any and all legal issues brought to their attention after careful consultation by Bryan R. Kazarian.
OCRM students who are in need of a legal consultation should contact their case manager to set up an appointment to be seen by the Law Clinic.  Members of the public who wish to avail the services of the Trinity Mobile Legal Clinic should come on a first come first serve basis to the parking lot facility in the Civic Center Plaza in Santa Ana, CA.  Attorneys who wish to be a part of the clinics’ pro bono referral base should email Bryan R. Kazarian at BRK@KazarianAtLaw.com.