“There will always be some in the land who are poor. That is why I am commanding you to share freely with the poor and with other Israelites in need.”
[Deuteronomy 15:11]

Just as scripture promises, there will always be hungry children and families in our communities so as we are always looking to expand our scope of services with our sister program in Corona, volunteers and donors have stepped up to provide meals for the men, women and children that currently reside at the Corona Norco Rescue Mission.
Our goal was to have 30 providers per month that will prepare and serve our meals. By the grace and provision of God, we have achieved that goal!

CNRM Kitchen

Each week of the month, a group from our growing community of Church at the Mission Corona, prepares and serves dinner to our 15-20 residents. 20 volunteers have dedicated their time to our kitchen to provide, cook and feed the men and women that we serve.

In addition, local restaurants Miguel’s, Togo’s and Cowboy Surfer Grill each feed our residents two times a month.
Generous business owners such as TNT Enterprises have also committed a team of volunteers to provide dinner once a month with an additional $250.00 gift.
One of the most needed gifts is the provision of food supplies. Where there is normally a consistent flow of donated food during the holiday months this kind of giving tapers off into the winter months. However, faithful givers such as Sam’s Club provide our Corona Rescue Mission one pallet of bakery items once a week and friends like Circor just delivered two pallets of canned goods this morning.
CNRM pantry
Most of our local partners display a placard in their windows symbolizing their partnership with the Rescue Mission, so that you can keep in mind where you buy your own lunch and who is a corporate charitable giver.
If you and your organization would like to contribute to the needs of the Rescue Mission, we could always use healthy food to feed our residents as well as commercial kitchen equipment such as coffee makers, food processors and a toaster. Please contact Bill Riemer for more information: bill.riemer@rescuemission.org
CNRM Kitchen