Once again, I want to express my appreciation to the Exchange Club of Tustin. The Club’s commitment to homeless veterans in our community is commendable. They have invested themselves in the cause of honoring veterans for their service to our country, and are supporting those who are on the “front lines” to help restore veterans who are challenged by the difficult transition to civilian life.
The Exchange Club of Tustin has raised thousands of dollars in cash donations and purchases for Orange County Rescue Mission’s Tustin Veterans Outpost. At a recent event, the Hoedown Comedy Night, the Club raised another gift of $4000 to be used for the Outpost. They are making sure that the Outpost, and the veterans living there, have what they need to make a “home” out of this transitional living complex.
And, they are showing their care for veterans by spending time with them as well. The veterans in our programs are always invited to attend the events, and are given a place of honor. And, the Exchange Club hosts monthly BBQ’s at the Outpost.
Randi Bernstein, Vice President of Exchange Club of Tustin shares, “Tustin is a generous city. (My husband, Dr. Allan Bernstein, Mayor Pro Tem City of Tustin) and I thought the city needed an organization that would pay homage to our military history and assist veterans in any way that we could. Kay Kearney (Exchange Club President) and I decided to partner and start a new Exchange Club in Tustin.” Randi and Kay became familiar with Tustin Veterans Outpost when the City of Tustin decided to partner with me in this project. And, they have chosen us as a beneficiary of the “overwhelming support of the community.”
Exchange Club of Tustin is a group of 18 women and men, who have found a sense of enjoyment and purpose in joining together for a common cause, serving men, women and children in our community. And they have made a tremendous impact on the cause of restoring homeless veterans.
Thank you Exchange Club of Tustin!