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Crystal escaped an abusive relationship and found safety, thanks to you.
During her marriage, there was one constant in Crystal’s life, FEAR.
It was not just the fear of physical abusive at her husband’s hand, – cuts and bruises eventually heal. It was the feeling of utter helplessness, dependence and isolation from her family, all to keep his temper in check.
Crystal was most afraid for her three children, knowing that they could live in this situation forever.
“I hit the ground with my knees and yelled out to God: ‘I surrender. Take me out of this. I’m not going to try to do this on my own anymore,’ ” Crystal remembers.
Wanting a better future for her children Crystal came to the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope. Arriving with her kids, Crystal went from a dark time to a new life, finding safety and peace for her family.
“It is amazing, “ Crystal says, “my life is completely rearranged. I feel like I can accomplish what God has for me… I get so excited and joyful about my future.”
Crystal has also learned how to let go of her past fear and stress from her old life. Finding her stability, Crystal now hopes to help others who are going through the same terrifying situation that she was in.
“Life is so short and so meaningful,” Crystal says, “We’re put on this earth for such a short time. If you’re given the chance to help someone else with your life, why wouldn’t you?”
Thanks to you, Crystal found safety, new life and freedom in Christ at the Mission, giving her the means to break free from her past she once feared.