As a single father of five children and now grandparent to my first grandchild, Clair, Father’s Day is such a special time for me. My focus as a father and grandfather is to share the love of Jesus Christ with each of my five children and my granddaughter.  I hope to demonstrate that through giving unconditional love, sharing truth and modeling faith.  I know firsthand how challenging parenting can be, and I also know just how rewarding raising children can be.  Each Father’s Day, I celebrate the opportunities that God has allowed me to have as a father.

In my early years with Orange County Rescue Mission, I saw broken men recover, but still be without their families. And always, the dysfunction of a father harmed the family as well.

I envisioned a place where fathers could experience what I experience as a father; a place where fathers could learn to be a dad, and where families can be restored, together. Village of Hope is that place. Fathers, whether single or along with mothers, have a place where they can be restored and become the men they were created to be, without being separated from their children. At Village of Hope, families stay together to grow together. I have now seen countless men, transformed by the power of the Gospel, step up to lead and care for their families.

Because of your faithful support, families are being strengthened and men are given a second chance at leading their families into restoration. I pray that your Father’s Day was blessed, just as you have blessed these men.