There is the idea that our culture suffers from buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t necessarily like. This trend often seems to be emphasized even more around certain calendar holidays throughout the year. We find ourselves, by default, celebrating by buying more things and over-eating or drinking, essentially; over-consumption.
Those that recognize this common theme in our culture have sought creative ways for their children and families to observe special occasions or even radically shift their overall perspectives and lifestyles towards more meaningful traditions.
I get to witness these stories through our donors at the Rescue Mission. Generosity is creative and finds unconventional ways to love others. Just last week, three different boys, all under the age of 10, celebrated their birthdays with the idea of rejecting this over-consumption. Where friends, fellow students, neighbors and family members delivered gifts, rather than keeping the birthday loot for themselves, each of these boys loaded up their family vans and delivered their own gifts to the kids and families at the Village of Hope.

Bday gifts
Robert and JoJo asked for shoes for the kids at the Rescue Mission in place of birthday gifts for themselves.

If children this young recognize that there are others in desperate need, and begin seeking ways to empower the less fortunate of their community, we will have a generation that rejects the lie that more things will bring happiness.
This is what world change looks like. I am thrilled to see young people that are already looking for creative ways to bring the least, the last and the lost off the streets and into places of purpose and position.
Kayden turned 10 this year and celebrated by shopping for the homeless with all of his birthday money.

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