Success often requires first navigating set-backs, but today I am happy to celebrate with you this group of men and women who have worked through their own setbacks with the help of our Success Center to enter back into the work force. Eleven of these individuals entered job search two days a week and only two weeks later, nine of them have found full-time employment!
The Success Center team has been able to witness the fruit of all the hard work of our volunteers as well as the financial investments our partners have imparted into this program. Every aspect of the Rescue Mission is intended to transform our clients in various ways in their journey here at the Village of Hope. In my experience, it may be easy to find someone a job, but if that person has not experienced the heart change that only Christ can give, seldom do they experience the same outcome. This is what separates us from everyone else! Our clients’ success in becoming self-sufficient is a direct result of your investment in their transformational heart change within our program.
Thank you for the role you have played in the successful journey to self-sufficiency in each these men and women’s lives.

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