How many “back to school” seasons have you experienced? My youngest is entering high school, so I only have a few more years of this American tradition.
It’s back to school time for children living at Village of Hope, too. What does it take to for 46 kids to be ready to start school? Teamwork!
Donors give back to school supplies, like backpacks, uniforms and all of the essentials. Parents and the Parenting Center Manager do their part of getting kids enrolled, and making sure every detail for every child is completed. Concordia Learning Center staff prepare a new group of college students to tutor the kids after school.
And this year Village of Hope children are part of the excitement for the opening of a brand new Tustin Unified School, Heritage Elementary. Principal Elizabeth Blackman and her teaching staff are eager to work with us to ensure that our vulnerable children are welcomed into the Heritage Elementary community. This is a wonderful opportunity for Village of Hope kids to be exposed to the new STEAM education initiatives. This will no doubt be an amazing school year for them all.
Thank you to Principal Elizabeth Blackman, the donors and Concordia Learning Center volunteers for giving so much to Village of Hope kids, and giving them the hand up that they need to have hope for a better future.