Robert Suder
Every now and then I will receive a moving letter of thanks from a client who has successfully completed and transitioned from the program at the Rescue Mission. Words of authentic humility and gratitude are always an encouragement to remind me how much this work matters.
I wanted to share this token of gratitude and genuine word of thanks because it is the lives of individuals like Robert that you have partnered with us to transform. Your giving has provided Robert a second chance.
Thank you Robert for remembering our generous donors and hard working staff, but most importantly for keeping your focus on the Lord. God bless you in your journey as you continue to move forward.

 Dear Jim Palmer,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done for the less fortunate people such as myself. I’ve been so blessed having a father who believes in second chances, in fact 777 times according to the scripture. Jim, you are a beautiful man that our Lord has chosen to be a leader, a mentor, and I feel fortunate and honored to be able to count you as my friend. I spent 6 months here at the VOH and 10 1/2 months at the ranch under Robby Ballmeyer and Dan Harper’s guidance through the Design for Discipleship, Studying the Doctrine as well as the daily mentoring. I’ve experienced Jesus back in my life and experienced being baptized publicly(so everyone who was present knows I’ve received Jesus as my Savior who’s given me eternal life with him). It doesn’t get any better than that! Sorry if I kind of started to ramble. To sum it all up I want to thank you once again for a new, fresh start in life.
I have Jesus to mirror, my family’s love and respect back that I thought I had lost forever, I have full time employment, a new little house that I am renting as of August 1st and being a member of the VOH family. Being able to come to Curtis Men’s Bible Study, Tony’s Believer’s Wednesday night. Also, God willing possibly a mentor or Big Brother to some men who could use my friendship, advice and support which the OCRM gave to me. Thank you Jim Palmer, Jewel, Albert, Derrick, Kelsey, Brett, Joey, Doug and Ali.
God Bless you all and Thank You,
Robert C Suder (Bobbo)

Bob Suter