“There’s no worse feeling than being homeless and having nowhere to go. The last thing I would ever want is to be a burden to my family. I want to be a strong mother to my children and grandma to my grandchildren.”
Finding New Life at the Mission
“Every morning I wake up we have a devotional and read the Bible. It’s what I like most about this program . . . a lot of spiritual food. They really do help the least, the last and the lost. It’s a blessing to be here. I thank God every day.”
Stephanie’s message for YOU: “Thank you. There’s joy in giving. When you give to a place like this, you’re making a difference in people’s lives . . . You’re big-hearted people. God bless you!”

I often hear these words: “I’ve lost everything.”
Our neighbors come to us when they have nothing left. No home, no food and often nobody to care for them. That’s why YOU matter so much, because YOU are taking care of the broken people in our community — the ones who have nothing left. YOU give them a second chance at life.
Your partnership gives people like Stephanie a place to call home. Nutritious food to make them strong. And the hope to know that Jesus has a plan for their lives!
Many more are waiting for help at the Rescue Mission, I hope you’ll remember how much YOU matter to the homeless. Every time you give, you rescue people from the streets.
You can start by giving a gift here.