I am always encouraged and refreshed by the stories of redemption that come out of the Rescue Mission. I would like to share Heather’s story with you, and it is my hope that you would feel the same encouragement after reading it.

This is Heather’s story.

Heather’s life was in shambles.
Her past was a jumbled mess of failed relationships, drug addiction, job loss and homelessness. Her daughter was the one bright spot in her life.
Heather married at a young age to fill a need for acceptance. While her husband was deployed in the military, Heather tried crystal meth for the first time. After her husband returned, she still did not quit. Her marriage ended. From there, Heather’s life spun out of control.
Over the next several years, Heather hopped from one place to another. Trying to get clean. In and out of different programs. Trying to get stable. Eventually, all the running around caught up with her. Tired and broken by her inability to make any progress in her life, Heather reached her lowest point.
Through tears, Heather describes the most terrible day of her life — when she decided that her daughter would be better off living with a relative who could give her more stability.
“I told her, ‘You have to take her until I can get stable. I need to make a life for us. I need to find a place with a different kind of hope.’ ”
That’s when Heather came to Orange County Rescue Mission . . . and found what she’d been looking for, but could never seem to find – acceptance and peace.
At the Rescue Mission, Heather left her tumultuous life behind and hasn’t looked back.
“For the first year at OCRM, the Lord has allowed me to rest in His arms,” shares Heather.
And, Heather was reunited with her daughter, so they could learn to rebuild a healthy relationship. “It’s so awesome. My daughter and I have our own space. We can be a family.”
Today, Heather just wants to continue walking with the Lord and be a good mom.
“I have so much hope. I know that when I leave here I’m not going to be homeless. I will have the support to find a job,” and be able to provide for me and my daughter. Heather now is developing the skills to live a stable life.
Heather is full of joy and gratitude. “My relationship with God is becoming more solid. I trust Him.”
Thank you for giving hurting people, like Heather  and her daughter, real hope to start again. Because of you, lives are restored.

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