The word ‘community’ itself boasts a common unity.

PIMCO Foundation volunteers work in the OCRM organic garden plots

And where PIMCO Foundation champions the cause of  empowering people to meet their full potential, we could not be more thrilled to partner with such an outstanding organization in the community of Orange County.
In an arena of investments, this company puts their ‘money where their mouth is.’ Operating under the values of engage, empower and invest, the PIMCO Foundation walks their talk.
Investing time and resources in our community by bringing dinner to the homeless in Santa Ana with OCRM’s Chili Van, PIMCO’s volunteers are committed to engaging the least, the last and the lost.
Investing in empowering individuals to meet their full potential, the volunteers that gave their time to the clients of the Orange County Rescue Mission worked in our organic garden as Ericka, our current resident gardener was able to share her dreams and goals with these kind men and women. Where these organic garden plots are a model of our goals to practice health and sustainability, these green investments are also a place where OCRM clients are able to learn processes of growth and cultivation, both with the earth and literally in their own lives.
PIMCO Volunteers help in OCRM’s organic garden

When we partner together, with a common goal, world change is inevitable. I am excited for the possibility of community impact through the generosity and investment of PIMCO in the Orange County Rescue Mission.
Check out the PIMCO Foundation HERE